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Adam Hochstatter

Composer Adam Hochstatter is blurring the lines between live, and computer generated music. Within only a few years of being in Los Angeles as a freelance composer, orchestrator, and mockup artist, he has already worked with multiple big name companies and individuals to showcase their products through his music.

Here is Adam’s demonstration of how Lexicon Pro’s PCM Native Reverbs can be used to enhance realism in an orchestral mockup. Original composition written, programmed, and mixed by Adam Hochstatter. 



Here is Adam’s demonstration of the Lexicon PCM92 Reverb and Effects Processor. In this video Adam documents how he uses the PCM92’s reverb to enhance the realism of orchestral samples giving the instruments a sense of space and placing them in same room together. Original composition written, programmed, and mixed by Adam Hochstatter. 



Take a listen to Adam’s music here: https://soundcloud.com/adamhochstatter
Watch Adam’s demos and videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/adamhochstatter

Here is a list of a few of the companies/individuals that Adam has worked with:
Hollywood Scoring
Strezov Sampling
Future Perfect
Mateo Messina
John Swihart
Mike Reagan


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Adam Hochstatter uses:
  • PCM Total Bundle
  • PCM92 "Breathing life into samples can often be very difficult, but thankfully Lexicon's PCM92 has made that job much easier. The clarity and detail is unmatched by any plugins I've used."