• 960L/LARC2

David W. Hewitt

From the Academy Awards to The Rolling Stones, 7-time TEC Award winning engineer David W. Hewitt and his crew have brought professional and reliable service to the industry for over 20 years as the President of Remote Recording.


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  • 960L/LARC2 I have been using Lexicon equipment since the early 1970s when Record Plant Studios in New York bought one of the first DDLs. We have owned Lexicon equipment ever since. I have used the 200, 224, PCM 41, 42, 60, 70, 80, & 90. And of course, the 480L, which many of our Remote Recording Clients still insist on. My latest favorite is the 960L, with the new software it’s so easy to set up the four engines and get on with the Live Show. Be it Classical, like the Metropolitan Opera or Rock N’ Roll, as in Neil Young’s latest Tour, the 960L is winning our Client’s accolades.