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Elliot Scheiner

Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on Surround sound and multi-channel mixing. When Scheiner first took a job working as an assistant engineer for Phil Ramone, he never imagined that years later he would be one of the most successful producer/engineers in the industry today. His talents have been recognized with 23 Grammy nominations, six of which he took home, four Emmy nominations, one which he received, and five TEC award nominations, three of which he took home. His accomplishments in the field of multi-channel recordings have been acknowledged with numerous awards including the Surround Pioneer Award in December 2002. Scheiner is the creator of the ELS Surround system currently residing in five Acura models.

Elliot is a founding member of the METAlliance (Music Engineering & Technology Alliance) which was launched in January 2005. METAlliance.com


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  • PCM96 The Lexicon PCM96 is loaded with great presets and sells at a great price. I've used it on two projects and I'm just amazed. It's great for both the commercial studio user and the project studio.