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George Massenburg

Multiple Grammy and TEC Award-winner George Massenburg is an internationally renowned producer, recording engineer and designer of audio equipment – a man in love with music, the art of reproduction and the recording process. He has won Grammys as both a producer and as an engineer, and in 1998 was awarded the Grammy for Technical Achievement for a lifetime of contributions to the art and science of recording. Massenburg has been responsible for engineering some of the most respected recordings of the modern era, as well as creating that mainstay of the recording process, the parametric equalizer.

George is a founding member of the METAlliance (Music Engineering & Technology Alliance) which was launched in January 2005. METAlliance.com


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  • PCM96 The PCM96 is truly innovative and capable technology. This is the kind of thinking and execution that will go a long way to making in-the-box sound much better.