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Matt Mylroie

Based in Tampa, Florida, Mylroie runs Driftwood Tide Music. The company focuses on making professional recording services attainable to the average musician. The company takes pride in working on projects that have a positive message, recently releasing an album aimed at teens to young adults that spoke to universal issues such as self-esteem, anti-bullying, and peer pressure. “We strongly believe that music has the potential to do a lot of good in the world,” said Mylroie.

Mylroie has been hooked by the quality of the sound since he first started using a Lexicon LXP1 in 1996. He has since used the LXP5, MPX1, MPX500, MPXG2, M480L, PCM70, PCM 80, PCM 81, PCM91, and all of the current Lexicon plug-ins. “I’ve used numerous other reverbs and effects, both hardware and software.  The quality of the Lexicon presets is generally quite exceptional, but the single most important thing is the quality of the sound itself,” commented Mylroie.


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