Lexicon Recording Interfaces - Setup Video - Part 6: Troubleshooting - No soft eLicenser - Cubase

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This is a troubleshooting video for anyone that is having activation issues with Cubase related to their eLicenser number. The video shows you how to download and install the eLicenser Installation Helper software from Steinberg. Downloading and installing the eLicenser Installation Helper software may help solve eLicense issues if you're having difficulties with Cubase activation. This download will create the needed "Soft-eLicenser number" if it was not created on your system during installation, or it did not appear in your eLicenser Control Center. Here is a link to the software download shown in the video: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=25117 Please note that the eLC Installation Helper can only be executed if your Windows user account has administrative rights. If you are logged in to a Windows user account with limited rights you will be prompted to provide an administrator's username and password. Cubase LE5 is included with every Lexicon Alpha, Lambda and Omega Desktop Recording Studio Interface. This is the sixth of six videos detailing the setup processes for using the Lexicon Alpha, Lambda and Omega Recording Interfaces.