Congratulations, you are about to experience the ultimate in effects plug-in performance.
Listed below you will find software installation instructions and a Demo iLok key which is good for 14 days after you activate the key.

This Lexicon demo requires an iLok2 authorization. You can purchase an iLok2 from your local dealer or through www.iLok.com. The demo period begins once you have downloaded the license to your iLok key.

You must use a second generation iLok (iLok2) for this demo to work. First generation iLoks will not work with this software.

  1. After you’ve downloaded the iLok license manager from www.ilok.com, Log into your iLok account using the license manager software.
  2. Click on the licenses tab at the top left, and choose redeem activation code
  3. Enter this key number: 9098-7608-2194-0953-4116-7081-9197-47
  4. Place the new key number into your iLok2
  5. Install the PCM Native Effects Plug-in Bundle Software
  6. Launch your DAW

Please click here to download the PCM Native Effects Plug-in Bundle Software