PCM81 (discontinued)

2-in/2-out Studio/Live Sound Multi-Effects Processor

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The PCM 81 Stunning Effects

The PCM 81 takes where the PCM 80 left off, and adds AES/EBU Digital I/O, includes algorithms and presets from the Pitch FX and Vocal Fix Cards, and adds 24-bit converters for even higher quality audio.

The PCM 81 maintains Lexicon's highest standards for sonic clarity, and its extraordinary processing power yields the finest effects available in its price class, plus outstanding reverberation.


Analog Audio Input    XLR and 1/4" balanced (T/R/S)
Input Level    -2dBu to +20dBu, balanced;<br>-22dBu to 0dBu, unbalanced
Input Impedance    100k&Omega;, balanced;50k&Omega;, unbalanced
Analog Audio Output    XLR and 1/4"T/R/S balanced
Output Level    +18dBm, balanced;+4dBm, unbalanced
Output Impedance    125&Omega;, balanced
Digital Audio Input    XLR, AES/EBU;<br>Coaxial RCA, S/PDIF
Format    AES/EBU, balanced;<br>S/PDIF, unbalanced
Sample Rate    44.1kHz and 48kHz
Digital Audio Output    XLR, AES/EBU;<br>Coaxial RCA, S/PDIF
Format    AES/EBU, balanced;<br>S/PDIF, unbalanced
Sample Rate    44.1kHz and 48kHz
Conversion    24-bit A/D;24-bit D/A
Internal Audio DSP    24-bit (PCM 81);20-bit (PCM 91)
Frequency Response    10Hz - 20kHz &plusmn;.5dB
Crosstalk    -55dB 10Hz to 20kHz
THD    &lt;0.006%, 10Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic Range    D/A:&gt;98dB typical, 10Hz - 20kHz<br>A/D:&gt;105dB typical, 10Hz- 20kHz<br>A/A:&gt;96dB typical, 10Hz - 20kHz
MIDI Interface    5-pin DIN connectors for MIDI IN, THRU and OUT
Footswitch    1/4"T/R/S connector for two independent momentary footswitches (system detects normal-open, or normal-closed on power up)
Foot Controller    1/4"T/R/S connector for foot pedal(100&Omega;- 10k&Omega;impedance)
Memory Card
Connector    PCMCIA type l cards, 68 pins
Standards    PCMCIA 2.0 and JEIDA 4.0
Card Format    Up to 1MB of SRAM (attribute memory not required)
Power Requirements    100 - 240 volts AC;50 - 60Hz;35 watts<br>Automatic switching (3-pin IEC connector)
Remote Power In    2.5 mm 9 volts AC (not included)
Dimensions    19" W x 1.75" H (1U) x 12" D<br>(483 x 45 x 305 mm), rack mount standard
Weight    6.4 lbs.(2.9 kg)
Operating Temperature    32&deg;to 104&deg;F (0&deg;to 40&deg;C)
Maximum Humidity    95% without condensation


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PCM81 (discontinued)

2-in/2-out Studio/Live Sound Multi-Effects Processor