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An artful blend of heritage and innovation, the PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor delivers 28 new and legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays and modulation effects straight into your DAW.

Appearing for the first time are new Room and Hall algorithms, plus an assortment of new mono reverbs and effects. With decades of legacy products to pull from, the PCM96 also includes the finest collection of factory presets available in a stereo processor – over 1200 and growing – including some recognizable classics from our immense library of sounds.

The PCM96 gives new capabilities to our traditional reverbs by adding multimode filters at several spots in the audio flow. This allows more exact shaping of the reverb while still maintaining the distinctive Lexicon sound. All reverbs also have an "Infinite" switch that allows the reverb to run forever, a useful feature for creating unusual backgrounds and sound effects.

Lexicon's new Room algorithm provides a more flexible alternative to convolution type reverbs. Reflection patterns can be easily selected, scaled and equalized – all while simultaneously passing audio. They can be instantly reversed or combined with a traditional reverb to extend the decay or bring a stronger sense of “liveness” to the space.

With two channels XLR analog and two channels XLR AES/EBU digital I/O, along with MIDI, Ethernet and Firewire connectivity, the PCM96 easily fits into a variety of recording and live sound environments. In any application, the PCM96 delivers the versatility and sound that is unmistakably Lexicon.

More Details

PCM96 PluginPCM96 Plugin

Designed for the modern studio, the PCM96 can function as a
control-only insert or FireWire streaming audio plug-in inside
Mac RTAS, VST and Audio Units software. (RTAS support
provided via Fxpansion Adapter.)



Standalone Mode Routing (Analog, Digital)

In standalone mode, the PCM96 can process up to two physical inputs and two outputs in the following configurations:

PCM96 Routing


  • Two channels XLR analog I/O
  • Two channels XLR digital AES/EBU I/O
  • Four channels streaming FireWire
  • Automation and control via Ethernet or Firewire
  • 32-bit floating point processing
  • Sample rates up to 96 kHz





Al2 thumb square
Al Schmitt

The PCM96 sounds great and it is a key part of my mixing tools.

Alan2 thumb square
Alan Parsons

With the PCM96 they have produced a fantastic array of prized reverbs and delays along with some brilliant new effects.

Scheiner thumb square
Elliot Scheiner

The Lexicon PCM96 is loaded with great presets and sells at a great price. I've used it on two projects and I'm just amazed. It's great for both the commercial studio user and the project studio.

Massenburg thumb square
George Massenburg

The PCM96 is truly innovative and capable technology. This is the kind of thinking and execution that will go a long way to making in-the-box sound much better.

Bill thumb square
Bill Smith

The PCM 96 is an amazing sounding new reverb unit that sells for a great price. It is straight forward and friendly to use from the front panel of the unit as well as interfacing it with Pro Tools is very easy. In both stereo and 5.1 surround versions it continues on with the tradition of "highest quality" sound and design that everyone has come to expect from Lexicon for decades now.

Sugar thumb square
Bruce Sugar

The Lexicon PCM96 is a must have for contemporary music production…it features the legendary and very musical sounding reverbs in a box that seamlessly interfaces with Pro Tools or any DAW…….I use the PCM96 just like a plug-in when I mix in Pro Tools and it is simply brilliant…

Ainlay thumb square
Chuck Ainlay

I've been using Lexicon processors ever since they introduced the 224, because they made my mixes sound rich and current. But you can throw them all away and any other boxes you might still be using because the PCM96 blows ‘em all away. It quickly became my go to reverb/effects processor for my studio. Now I have the same quality of reverb in the form of plug-ins with the PCM Native Reverb Bundle. The Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle may be the final link to achieving high quality mixes entirely in the box!

Ed thumb square
Ed Cherney

I used the analog ins and outs on a large format analog console, and the digital ins and outs to interface with my DAW, and it sounded great in either configuration. The PCM96 is definitely my new ‘go to’ reverb.

Mathieson thumb square
Greg Mathieson

The PMC96 puts the Sheen on the vocals and my mixes.

Vanacore thumb square
David Vanacore

I could not do without the Lexicon PCM96!!!

Mountain thumb square
Doug Mountain

The Lexicon PCM96 is one of the best sounding reverbs that Lexicon has ever made. It has all the traditional Plates, Halls, and Rooms that I've come to rely on from Lexicon and it also has some great new rooms and spaces. The way it's organized makes it real easy to find what your looking for with just a few knob turns. The real plus is the integration with ProTools. Recalling my settings with each ProTools session is a snap. It's the perfect accessory for every protools system!

Zobler thumb square
Eric Zobler

The PCM96 is a reverb BEAST! It is dense, thick and rich. I love it.

Pattison thumb square
Graham Pattison

I've had many Lexicons over the years and always been impressed with 'their sound' however the PCM96 eclipse's them all. With a perfect balance of very high quality effects and an intuitive user interface, the PCM96 gives you two machine's of famed Lexicon reverbs and effects in a 1u package, what more could you want?

Keller thumb square
Michael Keller

I've been using the PCM96 in numerous film sound tracks, the latest one was "2012". It's the best sounding reverb Lexicon has ever developed!

Battaglias thumb square
Richard and Robert Battaglia

The PCM96 Surround sounds just great... beautiful tails... great alogrithms! We Just love it... it is such a relief to hear it with ProTools again.

Mcdonald thumb square
Sean McDonald

When I first heard the PCM96 at a trade show, I was blown away. I just had to have one. It reminded me of all the things I loved about the 300 and 480, but the 96 was so much easier to get around on. Now the new plug-in version is just crazy! It sounds as strong as the hardware box, and very easy on the CPU, people are gonna freak when they hear it.

Tim thumb square
Tim Jones

I love the dense, complex reverbs in the PCM96. They have made me completely change the way I was working 'inside the box.' I'm thrilled with the sound of these boxes. I can't wait for the surround version!

Goren thumb square
Yoav Goren

The PCM96 is richness unsurpassed. Lexicon has actually produced a digital effects processor that eclipses the legendary 480L. I love this box!!!



Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor

MSRP $3,499.95
Save $500.00!