July 17, 2020

Okay, you already know that Lexicon is the gold standard of reverb. But did you know that we offer a full range of digital sound-shaping tools, from delays to pitch shifters?

It all started 40 years ago with the Prime Time Delay and PCM 70 Multi-Effects Processor, which were ahead of their time and still stand up against contemporary digital effects. We really hit our stride in the 1990s with the PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor, which became an instant studio classic thanks to its gorgeous reverb, MIDI implementation and lush effects like chorus, flange and multiband delay.

Today, DAW users can tap into the best of those iconic PCM96 effects, reborn as plug-in algorithms in our PCM Total Bundle and PCM Native Effects Bundle, complete with full parameter automation and hundreds of versatile presets. Let’s walk through these effects and explore some uses for each.

Pitch Shift: This straightforward, single-voice processor performs flawless mono and stereo pitch shifting in increments ranging from one cent to an octave. In Musical mode, pitch is adjusted in semitones and cents; in

Lexicon's Pitch Shift Effect

Percent mode, pitch shifts are measured in—you guessed it—percentages. To try: Repair individual incorrect notes; beef up dual-mono hard-panned guitars; craft cartoon voices ranging from cute to villainous.

MultiVoice Pitch: Perform independent pitch shifting on up to six harmony voices (three voices on each stereo input) in semitone increments from one cent to an octave; each voice can be delayed up to 4.75 seconds. To try: Combine pitch shifting, panning and delay to craft huge harmony effects; craft automatic double-tracking (ADT) effects using very slight pitch shifts (20 cents and smaller); apply feedback to individual voices to create spiraling effects; create chords based on the input signal to thicken mono tracks.

Chorus: Modulate, filter and pan up to eight independent voices. Four independent LFOs each offer nine wave shapes; each voice also offers highpass, lowpass and bandpass filtering. To try: Create classic vocal ensemble effects and deep flanging guitars.

Lexicon's Chorus Effect

Resonant Chords: This classic effect, pioneered in the PCM70, lets you tune resonances in up to eight delay voices to create chords, arpeggios and room sounds. Delay pitches can be freely assigned to each voice; each offers delay time and resonance level controls. To try: Set a single note to trigger pitch-shifted resonant chords across your soundstage; trigger white noise with drum tracks; create unusual room reverb effects with phasey flutter echoes. Tune resonators to ring with percussive input; add delays to create arpeggiator effects.

Dual Delay: Two delay lines each offer adjustable delay time up to 9.5 seconds, plus feedback, polarity, level and pan controls. To try: Craft killer double-tracking, slap back and tape echo-emulating effects; thicken lead vocals and instrument parts by tone-shaping each delay tap.

Lexicon's Dual Delay Effect

Random Delay: This powerful four-voice processor modulates delay time in independent values that can be modified cyclically or randomly. A Wander control adds up to one second of additional delay time for each voice. Each voice has its own LFO, highpass and lowpass filters, plus polarity, level and pan controls. To try: Build regenerating loops; emulate lo-fi or vintage tape delays using Echoplex-style presets.

Stringbox: This truly unique algorithm provides 88 virtual “strings” that resonate when excited by audio input. Resonance characteristics can be adjusted, and individual strings can be turned off or detuned. To try: Use Stringbox’s keyboard interface to create a haunting “piano reverb” in just a few clicks; create ghostly effects by tuning resonances to the key of your song.

Ready to Get Started with Lexicon effects? Choose the Bundle that’s Right for You:

  • PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle: The Lexicon legacy goes far beyond reverb. Expand your arsenal with six iconic effects derived from our PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor, including Pitch Shift, MultiVoice Pitch, Chorus, Resonant Chords, Random Delay and Dual Delay, plus our innovative Stringbox algorithm, which provides 88 virtual strings that resonate with audio input.
  • PCM Total Bundle: Our flagship collection offers the signature “Lexicon Sound” we’re legendary for, as a collection of native plug-ins. This powerhouse package features 14 reverb and effects plug-ins—everything available in both our Native Reverb Bundle and Native Effects Bundle—along with hundreds of versatile presets, stereo/phase meters and a graphical real-time display.

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